Companies Transfer Services

Good Business starts with Shuttle Amsterdam.

Several big and small companies welcome officials from all over the world to their office in Amsterdam. Conferences, meetings, presentations, important events and several other requirements need employees and officials from other parts of the world to visit Amsterdam. Everyday hundreds of people come and go from Schiphol Airport on business trips and travels.

For an outsider, finding the way around in a big city like Amsterdam can be a nightmare! If you are a company and you regularly have visitors to Amsterdam, get in touch with us to organize safe and timely transfer services. The Airport is always busy and chances of not finding a taxi are not rare! Additionally, there can be times when the taxi drivers are unsure about the location or pose other problems that delay your visitors. Shuttle Amsterdam only works with professional and well trained drivers who know their ways around the city. For Business transfers we ensure to offer the very best of cars and drivers. An advance booking with us will ensure a timely service and a pleasant welcome to Amsterdam for your visitors.

Contact us for any further information or to request a quote. We are happy to help in every way we can!