International transportation

You are also at the right address for all destinations abroad.
From / to abroad, single person or large groups with us you can go for all possibilities.

We offer you a safe and comfortable journey at a competitive fixed rate.

Airplane and Train are not always the fastest, comfortable and cheapest solution for long distances

When traveling by plane and train you must take the following points into account.

Below you will find some advantages that we offer compared to Train and air traffic

Airplane and Train                                                                   Shuttle Amsterdam


Fixed departure or arrival times                                     We will pick you up at your desired time
Loss of time from home to Airport or Station.             We will pick you up at your desired address
Taking suitcases to the airport or station.                    These go to your door in our cars and buses

Traveling with strangers                                                   You will not share our taxis, buses, (mini) coaches with anyone else

No entertainment.                                                               Your own music or film during your trip

No stopover for a break                                                    At the most beautiful locations you can make a stop for lunch


And much more……….


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