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International Taxi Transfer Services

Limo Luxury Taxi Transfer Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Shuttle Amsterdam International Taxi Transfer Service is the most safe, comfortable and economical taxi transfer for your international taxi destinations

Plane and the train is not always the fastest, comfortable or cheapest solution for your international destinations. With our international taxi services, we offer you a comfortable and convivial journey for very economical rates. In some cases we are cheaper and faster on your international destination in comparison the plane or train.

When you are travelling international by train or plane, you need pay attention for ;

*Travel time and cost to and from the station or airport
*Carry your luggage
*High rates by last minute bookings and travel with more people
*Time passport control and customs declarations
*Noise pollution in the train or plane etc etc.


Shuttle Amsterdam International Taxi Services offers our passengers next benefits;

*You will be picked up your desired time and location and brought front of your door on your international destination
*Your luggage is loaded and unloaded by our driver
*Travel always with one of our VIP taxis and services (if available)
*Very economical rates (tip. More people means the cheaper the amount per person)
*Intermediate stops on your route ( city or restaurants )
*Your own desired music ( usb stick and cd and some cases mp3players)

Book in advance for International taxi transfers is discretionary, but is advisable so we can offer you the best services and prices

Please see our payment possibilities for private and business passengers.

More information and quotes please send us an email we will answer your question within 24 hours..
For lastminute bookings please call +31644400020